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New Hawaiian Flower Essences

Flower essences and gem elixirs are made by placing the flowers or gems in water and potentizing them in the sun in the morning hours. We just returned from the Big Island, Hawaii where we re-made all of the Flora Corona Hawaiian flower essences. We also made about 35 new Hawaiian flower essences. We were really lucky because the volcano on the Big Island is making parts of the island overcast and 'voggy"- a type of fog caused by sulfur from the eruption. We stayed in Kona where the seawall outside our hotel provided a perfect sunny spot for making the essences- right next to the very high surf and ocean! 

We found perfect garden locations for the flowers- overlooking Kealakekua Bay in South Kona and were able to use these pristine plants for making many new essences from Hawaii- which have some of the strongest life force due to the elements in Hawaii.  


Here is the Pineapple plant- growing in this pristine location. You can see the life force radiating from it! 

So all the Hawaiian flower essences that you order now have this brand new energy- and soon- we'll have new combination elixirs from Hawaii as well!  

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