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ALOHA Queen's Line Combination Elixir & Roll On

The surf was really high when we arrived on the Big Island this April 2016 to re-make all of our Hawaiian flower essences and make brand new flowers. Our room was right on the ocean, slamming against the sea wall all night like explosions. This is how Hawaii greets you often- really big hellos or 'Aloha'.


This combination came by seeing all the many colors of Plumeria (Frangipani) flowers everywhere- smelling their heady fragrance- and feeling inspired to combine them all in one bottle!  

The ALOHA Combination and Roll On ingredients all activate the Kidney Meridian Source Point (shown above- add drops of ALOHA to these points on the inner ankles on the left & right feet )- an energy line of light that connects to the Water Element, your original 'chi' or life force and therefore this elixir refreshes you with life-giving water/ hydration.

The first day I took frangipani, I found myself drinking more water than usual. I also noticed that my skin looked amazing. I don't know whether it was b/c I was drinking more water or that I restarted my skincare regime but for my skin to look so dewy all of a sudden in 20F weather - I'm sure that frangipani played a role!  Karen, CT

The Plumeria trees can grow in very hot places in Hawaii including the Koko Head Gardens on Oahu, which is a volcanic crater. In this crater the Plumeria have many empty branches with thick endings that look like 'thumbs' out of which the flowers POP as you can see in this photo at Koko Head. They are often also planted in graveyards and using Plumeria you can see why-- as it's fragrance and divine essence falls down on you- you stand up again- resurrected!


The ALOHA Roll On (with organic essential oils of Ylang Ylang & Jasmine) is a lot of fun- since we developed them a few weeks ago now- we're using them ourselves all day. Rolling on the inner ankles (Kidney Source Point) or across the inner wrists gives immediate uplift. 

In Hawaii- when you look down-- you see Plumeria. It's hard to not put in behind your ear and feel like you're home at last.





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