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Flora Corona Color Weather™- Choosing Your Season

A new color system based on matching your inner weather with outer Nature & learning to create your own environment.

Which set of colors attracts you most?
Purple/ Magenta/ Carmine Red/Orange/Yellow
Lime/Green/Turquoise Blue/Indigo/Violet

Choosing the Purple / Magenta / Carmine icon means that you’re breathing in - living in a winter mood of darkness in the glow of your heart. Dreaming - you’re receiving fire from starlight - giving birth to your seed ideas and envisioning the time when this fire will rise upwards - and your seeds will spout like springtime- into the light of day.

To view the Winter Heart Collection: https://www.floracorona.com/collections/birth-beauty

Choosing the Red / Orange / Yellow icon means that you’re seeking physical warmth to birth your seed ideas. A sunrise mood, you’re ready to grow roots into the Earth and rise upwards- becoming visible as your seeds branch, unfurling leaves and buds- greening your ideas. Passion and enthusiasm for your destiny in the world is growing. Like spring, you are opening to the light.

To view the Spring Warm Collection: https://www.floracorona.com/collections/warm-colors-red-orange-yellow

Choosing Lime / Green / Turquoise means that you’re in the blossoming stage. Cleansing & purifying yourself, your seed ideas have branched and now are unfolding. Balance and love for your purpose is creating healing. A summer mood, your dreams have been watered and are rising skyward.

To view the Balancing Summer Collection: https://www.floracorona.com/collections/balance-colors-lime-green-turquoise

Choosing Blue / Indigo / Violet - you are at the fruiting stage, breathing in the results of your process. the fruits of your labor in the world contain seeds that hold all the elements: Air, Earth, Fire & Water. in embryonic form. An Autumn mood, peace accompanies you as you move from daylight to sunset- from the Blue sky of day through the horizon sunset in Indigo- as you rest and move inward in Violet.

To view the Cool Color Collection: https://www.floracorona.com/collections/cool-colors-blue-indigo-violet

Now that you’ve chosen your season, what color in this season do you like the most?



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