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The following is an excerpt from an article called LIQUID COLOR that will be appearing in LILIPOH Magazine, Summer 2017:


The best known vibrational waters are flower essences, first developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1920’s in England. A simulated dew process, they are made by placing flower blossoms in a bowl of spring water exposed to early morning sunlight. Dr. Bach’s original repertory of 38 flower essences address prime emotions in need of harmonizing: denial, anxiety, depression, anger and fear. Now there are many world-wide flower essence companies that address a wide range of specific of emotions that are able to be balanced using flowers from various regions of the world.

Working with clients over the years as a flower essence practitioner, I found a need to develop three kinds of essences to address the three-fold body, soul and spirit: flower essences, which harmonize soul forces or your thoughts and feelings; gem elixirs to align your newly harmonized feelings with the physical body via the various crystalline forms in gemstones, and a new kind of essence: colors in water that infuse the various subtle layers of your system with pure colors, enhancing your spirit.

I developed a series of twelve colors in water after nine years of asking: ‘’What is a natural way of delivering color to the body, beyond the use of electric light?” The liquid colors work directly on people, animals and environments. Sprayed around gardens and home exteriors, landscapes reveal renewed life force, drawing in birds and animals. Called ‘Colored Light Elixirs’, they are proving the be helpful with children and teens, as well as adults.

Flora Corona Practitioner Marla Hanan (Blue Lotus Family Wellness in Hopewell, New Jersey) says: The Flora Corona Colored Light Elixirs are colors projected into water using sunlight. Calibrated 30 degrees apart, it is the specific tone of each color that makes them work accurately with the human energy system. They are a wonderful match for children as they give the child the rare opportunity to determine the colors they need by simple attraction to the colors shining through the transparent bottles. They may be taken internally (from a dropper bottle just like Bach flower essences) applied topically, or misted from a spray bottle.

Marla has some wonderful stories of working with the colors and children including a 10 year old girl who was having a hard time separating from her mother before school in the mornings:

We set up a session and on the appointed day and time, I arrived with twelve bottles of colors at my friend’s house. I was truly humbled and amazed at the reaction of this little girl to the bottles. She announced that she could “feel the forces of all of them”. She picked turquoise, yellow, orange and violet and was surprised: “These are not even my favorite colors but they have a good feeling to them”. She articulated a deep knowing of color and said that the colors ‘are all in each other’.

Here are the words of my friend, as she described her impression of the session and of what transpired afterwards:

“My daughter loved the colors. She picked several individual colors but then she insisted that she couldn't separate them and loved the whole rainbow.  Marla kindly mixed up several bottles, one with the whole rainbow in it and we began to use them.  She asked if she could take the remedies herself, whenever she wanted to.  Well it's been over a week now and my daughter happily goes off to school in the morning.   My daughter got to decide what colors she needed, not me.  Then she decided how she wanted to take them, not me.  Perhaps allowing her to decide on how best to heal and move on made all the difference”.

Alyss Thomas, psychotherapist and flower essence practitioner from Devon, UK introduces the 12 color bottles to her clients to get an idea of their needs. She says: “Using color as the basis for diagnosis is a very valid approach within flower essence work. It cuts through complexity. If you ask the client to select a color using the bottles, it brings about a coherent sense of direction to the treatment.”  

I have found this as well. Through my flower essence practice, I have learned that all ages can self-diagnose flower essences that they need by choosing photo cards of flowers. Most interestingly, their choices reveal their inner soul conditions according to the colors of the flowers: gardeners often pick a spectrum of Green flower and tree essences; children in need of love often pick Pink flowers while those in shock often pick White flowers that feed and nurture the soul.


Each of the twelve colors is paired with it’s complimentary or opposite color in light (which are different than complimentary colors in pigments). To see a color’s complimentary color in light, gaze at this Yellow bottle for a minute. Then look at the white space on the right. What you see is the after-image or complimentary color of Yellow.

Colors have Virtues or specific healing qualities. Here are some over-lighting qualities of the 12 colors, each shown with it’s opposite or complimentary color. (Flowers and gems in these colors also share these qualities although each flower and gem have further signatures due to their shapes, growth patterns and mineral content etc.):

RED - Creativity, Enthusiasm, Play, Passion, Vitality
BLUE - Sooth, Calm, Breathe, Trust, Release

ORANGE - Abundance, Warmth, Joy, Communication
INDIGO - Intuition, Imagination, Inspiration, Manifestation

YELLOW - Light, Courage, Wisdom, Hope, Rebirth
VIOLET - Peace, Silence, Forgiveness, Serenity

LIME - Cleanse, Clarity, Transformation
PURPLE - Grace, Tenderness, Solace, Gentleness

GREEN - Love, Health, Healing, Nature, Equanimity
MAGENTA - Birth, Bliss, Gratitude, Generosity

TURQUOISE - Repair, Rejuvenate, Renew, Immunity
CARMINE - Beauty, Flower, Grow, Fruitful

Children pick specific colors but also often want all 12 colors. A Rainbow combination bottle containing all 12 colors is having helpful effects with children as well as adults who use it.

                                         Rainbow 12 Color Combination Elixir  

Nozomi Sakata from Japan says:
“Here’s a photo of my kids adding all 12 colors- making Rainbow spray- my older son told me he can drink a whole bottle because it tastes sweet to him. And he did. That's why he's making the spray again. Kids are drawn to these colors.”

Karen Eastham, nurse, psychotherapist and animal healer from Lancashire, UK, uses the Rainbow combination:
“ I use this combination with my clients and their horses and take it myself. I totally trust and believe in it. I feel that there is no end to what this combination of 12 colors can do.”


What’s interesting is that often a child or an adult will just hold one of the color bottles and experience a shift in their emotions. Flora Corona Practitioner Lara Cornell, who encourages her children pick the colors when they need help, says:

“When my son started to have a melt down, I told him to pick a bottle and hold it. He chose Red, rolled it up in his tee shirt and stomped away. I heard him whisper something to it, and less than two minutes later he walked over me and handed me the bottle and said "I'm better now". And he was a happy camper from there on out. Amazing. Working with children with these elixirs is my favorite. They absorb the energy in amazing ways.”

Clare de Ruiz has also found that her little boy Domingo, who attends the DelMar Waldorf kindergarten in Cancun, Mexico, chooses colors that match his constitution:

“Here is Domingo playing with the color elixirs, settling on Magenta and Red at the end. He is one fiery little boy…"


From using the liquid colors for many years, case studies suggest that it provides the human energy system with a kind of spiritual nutrition - beyond the more specific effects that flower essences have on the emotions and gem elixirs produce on the body. Observing the effects of using the colors environmentally in landscapes, it appears that the colors also give nourishment and restitution to elemental forces. Like the virtues listed for each color- their use reveals their living nature - an angelic counterpart - that elevates people, animals and environments.

Deborah Crayon CFEP is the co-author of Floral Acupuncture, Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites & founder/ producer of Flora Corona- Hawaiian Flower Essences, Gem Elixirs & Colored Light Elixirs. She can be reached via the contact at floracorona.com

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