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FLORA CORONA™ Flowers Gems & Colors

FLORA CORONA™  is a three-fold system for your Body Soul & Spirit

The Hawaiians teach that there are three selves: an unconscious lower, conscious middle and superconscious higher self. The only way to activate the higher self is to first acknowledge and work with the lower and middle selves. Once the lower unconscious and middle conscious selves align with one another, the higher superconscious self can begin to align with these lower two and achieve your goals in life.


Flora Corona follows the same process: our protocols focus on balancing the Soul or your thoughts and feelings (using flower essences). As your Soul becomes harmonized, gem elixirs help to align the physical cells of the Body, enabling Body & Soul to connect properly. When these two are aligned, your Spirit (which activates through the use of colors in water, Flora Corona Colored Light Elixirs™) begins to act in three-fold concert: Body Soul & Spirit.

In Hawaii, the lower self is called unihipili (ew-knee-hee-pee-lee). The Hawaiian’s say that the lower self is a child between two to six years in age. Called the Body Mind, it is unconscious and literal minded, believing that everything it sees is real, whether it be life experiences, movies, books, or dreams. Your Child Self (which refers to you as a child from birth to about age six or seven) resides within the Body Mind.

So this is how Flora Corona protocols work: using the flowers to awaken your conscious Soul and gems to awaken the Body Mind and align it with the Soul.
When the Body & Soul are aligned, using the Colored Light Elixirs™ infuses the subtle bodies and the physical with pure vibrant color and light. This gives your Spirit new brightness. Now you’re ready to work with your three selves: your unconscious Body Mind, your conscious Soul and your superconscious Spirit. When these three are aligned, you can begin manifesting what you visualize. The virtues of each color are shown in the 12 Flora Corona Protocols: flower, gem and color for your
Body, Soul & Spirit.

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