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'Ilima Hawaiian Flower Essence

A miniature hibiscus, the orange 'Ilima (ee-lee-ma) is one of the few original native flowers of Hawaii. To make a flower necklace, 'Ilima lei flowers are picked before dawn and strung as they open. Made many yards long and taking nearly 2,000 blossoms, the 'Ilima leis were presented to the Hawaiian royalty each morning. Interestingly, this long lei of 'Ilima flowers covers what are called the three burning spaces of the Triple Warmer Meridian- the energy line that 'Ilima activates- over the heart, upper and lower abdomen. These three spots are good topical applications for this flower- a few drops rubbed into these areas is up-lifting, just like wearing the lei imparts a feeling of royalty and rejuvenating joy. 

When taken internally- a few drops- sparks warmth that often attracts new social and business communications and interactions.

'Ilima is hard to find in Hawaii now and we were delighted to find it this April growing in scrubland next to a downtown Kona shopping center. Collecting it early morning before the heat, we were able to infuse it next to the ocean in the morning sunlight.


Oh the incredible blessing of being near this flower!  Flora Corona has named this flower 'JOY' as this is the Virtue that 'Ilima brings to you.

Other Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower Essences were made this spring and are coming soon!

"In taking this essence over a period of time, I definitely noticed myself becoming more open to others... opportunities to join groups and socialize were plentiful and I found that my usual taking on of energies of others mitigated- I felt I could be myself effortlessly." AB, Kentucky

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