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MAKING FRIENDS Pink Mallow Flower Essence

WARMTH LOVE FRIENDSHIP  We are making Pink Mallow essence this morning here in Northern California. This flower is wonderful for helping children get along with one another. The Making Friends Cora Flower Essences for Children is good to give to siblings, to a child who needs help getting along with children in the neighborhood, or a child who doesn't want to go to school due to fear of other children. 1-2 drops of this essence for children warms them and this warmth is felt by others- making the child feel sociable and loving. The Making Friends formula includes Pink Mallow and Cecil Bruenner Rosebud flower essences & Rose Quartz gem elixir.

Mallow family plants include Hibiscus from Hawaii including the miniature orange 'Ilima. All the Mallow family flowers activate what is called the Triple Warmer Meridian- a meridian that gets your original chi or life force bubbling- which in turn creates warmth in your system that translates to others as friendliness. People taking Mallow & 'Ilima report enhanced life force and attraction of new social and business communications and interactions.

HIBISCUS RAINBOW  New Flora Corona Hibiscus flower essences are coming soon- multi-colored Hawaiian Hibiscus flowers made on the Big Island, Hawaii this April 2016 including Yellow, Red, Pink & White flowers.        



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