REBIRTH Evening Primrose Hawaiian Flower Essence

The Evening Primrose is blooming in Shasta right now- opening and flowering in the moonlight, it closes slowly in the morning hours. Holding your hand over the open flowers, you can feel the bright sun-like Yellow flowers glowing with soft feminine moonlight. 

Originating in North America, Evening Primrose also grows on the dry upland slopes leading to Haleakala Crater on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. Used as an essence, this flower transforms pre-birth, birth and early infancy traumas stored in the body. Gently washing away old patterns, Evening Primrose is a major REBIRTH essence, soothing feelings of abandonment and imparting a sense of being held and loved.

Internal Use: Taken 1-2 drops internally, this essence brings contentment that you might have missed as a child. Topical Use:  It's core activation point is an acu-point in the umbilicus; applying a drop to the navel helps to heal the separation at birth. A complimentary elixir to use with Primrose: YELLOW Colored Light Elixir. Applied to the finger and toe tips- this elixir floods the body with Yellow- the color that brings Light, soothing your nervous system and uplifting your mood.  

Beauty Treatments- adding a few drops of Evening Primrose to a moisturizer may help to sooth and nourish raw skin that suffers from a lack of essential fatty acids.

"Taking Evening Primrose shines a light on and at the same time softens childhood issues. It releases the past and reconciles your thinking with your feelings." RN, Pennsylvania

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