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Seed of Life Geoflora Water™

Seed of Life Geoflora Water™

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Seed: a structure that carries the embryo of a plant. 

The Seed of Life Geoflora Water™ is useful for starting new initiatives.  Like a seed in the Earth, it reconnects your physical and subtle bodies with your star lineage, reminding you of your pattern. As your seed germinates, your core vibration begins to blossom. Using the Geoflora Waters™ sequentially from seed to tree to flower to fruit animates and speeds your growth through natural metamorphic seasonal cycles.

The Seed of Life works well when used at the New Moon. Take a few drops during this dark phase of the Moon- while envisioning an intention for the month.

New Moon Seed of Life GeoFlora Water™

The elixir is in a solution of vegetable glycerin, water, alcohol and salt in a 1/2 oz. bottle.