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12 Colored Light Elixir Kit

12 Colored Light Elixir Kit

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The 12 Colored Light Elixirs are all-natural sun infused colors in a solution of water, brandy, vegetable glycerin and salt. There is no colorant in the 1/2 oz. bottles; just transparent color labels. This kit comes with the Flora Corona Colored Light Elixir Repertory e-book, which has full color illustrated pages for each of the 12 colors- showing how to use them topically and internally. The e-book also includes the Flora Angelica protocol- a natural way of using the colors to purify the layers of levels of the auric. Children love these and use them naturally according to simple attraction to the ones they need. If you're buying them for children, please request to receive a free e-book: Using Colored Light Elixirs with Children.

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