The colors in this collection include all Blue, Indigo and Violet toned elixirs- calming colors of the SUNSET time / AUTUMN season of collecting your FRUITS from the EARTH.

When choosing Blue, Indigo or Violet bottles - you are at the fruiting stage, breathing in the results of your process. The fruits of your labor in the world contain seeds that hold all the elements: Air, Earth, Fire & Water in embryonic form. An Autumn mood, peace accompanies you as you move from daylight to sunset- from the Blue sky of day through the horizon sunset in Indigo- as you rest and move inward in Violet.

BLUE = Breathe Cool Soothing Calming Relaxed Composed Oxygenating Release Rhythmic Trust Surrender  Expression Devotion Flow Ease

Blue soothes and cools, revivifying the body through its oxygenating effect. Linking and calming the heart and mind, Blue gives you the ability to sense what is true for you and express this truth to others. An inner color of the soul, Blue helps you surrender and dive deep - experiencing devotion. Which Blue bottles look brightest to you? These are the ones you need.

INDIGO = Intuition Imagination Inspiration Vision Threshold Transport Transmute Abundance Initiation Passage

Indigo is a threshold color that links between the outer and inner worlds. It flames in the heart when you hear truth being spoken and rises up into the head creating whole brain processing. Inspiration, imagination and intuition are sparked through Indigo flowers, gems and color.  

VIOLET = Peace Quietude Silence Stillness Tranquility Spirit Forgiveness Patience Sleep Sympathy Serenity Sanctity Guidance Sacrifice Purification

The quietest color, Violet takes you into the deepest recesses of the heart, stilling your thoughts and calming your mind. A good color to use when you want to go inward, either in rest or contemplation.  Forgiveness, sympathy and serenity are natural attributes of this Violet place in the heart that feels like home. Which Violet bottles look brightest to you? These are the ones you need at the moment.