THE QUEENS CROWN Floral Acupuncture  Roll On

THE QUEENS CROWN Floral Acupuncture Roll On

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Queen's Crown RollOn- 1/3 oz. bottle in a solution of water, brandy, vegetable glycerin & salt is composed of all white Hawaiian flower essences & white gem elixirs:  White Crown Flower, Tahitian Gardenia, Puakenekene & Coconut flower essences plus Dogwood from California, Andara gem elixir & White Rebirth Elixir with organic essential oil of Ylang Ylang.

All the flowers in the Queen's Crown activate the heart protector acupuncture source point . White flowers are milky and nourish your body & soul; like a guardian Queen's Crown gives you a cushion when the world feels harsh.

APPLICATION  To apply- roll over the point below on both inner wrists or across the whole inner wrist as often as needed. You can also roll the bottle down through the center of the chest to the diaphragm.

"I apply this roll on when I wake up in the morning and several times during the day because it's application point on the inner wrists so simple and because it activates the Pericardium Meridian- that protects the heart. It has the pure simple vibration gives exactly what I need to restore me." CD, California


"I took the the Queen’s Crown RollOn (applied to the pericardium points on the inner wrists) and Hibiscus Sunrise Roll On (applied to the triple warmer points on the back of each wrist) with me when traveling long distance to deal with the sudden loss of a family member. Using both topically daily helped to keep me balanced during this very stressful time. On a day that I didn’t use them, I noticed that I felt unbalanced so I re-applied them and experienced equilibrium again. When I got home and could let down, I used the ALOHA RollOn to help restore me after the exhaustion of the trip. Using Queen’s Line Hawaiian RollOns during this traumatic time was a convenient and restorative way to use flower essences during travel and subsequent down time at home."  AL, CA


"I was having trouble dealing with a long term client when I was given the Queen’s Crown RollOn bottle with instructions to keep applying it to the center of my inner wrists to calm my heart. I have continued to apply it everyday for a month and the conflict  has completely dissolved and never returned. Somehow calming the heart with the RollOn enabled the situation to resolve itself." KR, CA


"Has a heavenly aroma! So easy to apply to the wrists and also from the bottom lip and down the Conception Vessel in the front of the body. Good to carry in the car or in my purse to have it handy. First sensation is the comforting presence of the lilies and then a moment or two later all the muscles and bones and then my thoughts experience this very gentle letting go. I just sit there marveling at this and enjoy the peaceful reverie. It's stunning how nurturing yet how profound this blend is. "  WW, CA


The Queen's Crown Roll-On is also available in a 1/2 oz dropper bottle for internal use.