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Floral Acupuncture Course- FALL 2022

Floral Acupuncture Course- FALL 2022

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11 Week Floral Acupuncture Course- Sept. 11- Nov. 27, 2022   

An online course taught by Deborah Craydon, Certified Flower Essence Practitioner / co-author of "Floral Acupuncture". Request a brochure: orders@floracorona.com

“I’m excited to share my certificate from Flora Corona for having completed my Floral Acupuncture training with Deborah Craydon CFAP. The course was insightful, restorative, and deeply transformational. If you love flower essences and are looking for a way to expand your practice and deepen your understanding of the Bach Flowers, I highly recommend this course.” 

Nicholas Pearson / Author of 7 Inner Traditions books on crystals and flower essences.