The New Topical Application of Essences

INTERNAL USE  Flora Corona elixirs can be taken internally- 1-2 drops as needed. Their internal use creates harmony in your thoughts and feelings in very subtle ways over time.  TOPICAL USE  A new way to use vibrational elixirs is to apply them topically. While the 1/2 oz. bottles are small- it only takes 1-3 drops of the elixirs- added to lotions, salt scrubs, massage oils, beauty creams- to infuse body-based products with the vibrations of flowers, gems and colors. The topical use of essences creates immediate feelings of renewed vibrancy- using the skin- the largest organ- to deliver the life force stored in the elixirs to the whole body. HOME USE & BODY-WORKERS  This topical method can be used at home, for friends and family or for body-workers such as massage therapist seeking to enhance their work.

The gems, flowers and colors come with a full color illustrated page, showing you how to use the elixir internally and also topically on specific skin zones-


For instance, Yellow bottles (Evening Primrose flower essence, Topaz gem elixir & Yellow Colored Light Elixir) all work well applied to the navel for soothing and calming. Each gem and flower can also be applied to specific points on the body (called meridian source points), also shown in the illustrated pages (the red dot on the foot shows the point to apply the Red flower essence- O'hi'a lehua

FULL BODY  One of the most potent applications is to put 2 drops of the elixir into a bowl of warm water and using a clean washcloth- apply full body after a shower or bath.

BATH  You can also add 2-3 drops to bathwater and soak. MISTING  Or add 2 drops to a misting bottle plus 2-3 drops of essential oil for fragrance and mist your body, rooms, your car. BEAUTY PRODUCTS  Reports of adding Magnolia Flower Essence & Garnet Gem Elixir to beauty regimes say that friends and family often comment on renewed facial glow. Other elixirs that give skin glow: Gardenia, Aquamarine, Turquoise & Carmine.


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