/> FLORA CORONA 12 Month Online Training- Sept 2019

12 Month Online Flora Corona Practitioner Course



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Flora Corona 12 Month Online Practitioner Training

Taught by Deborah Craydon, CFEP, co-author of  Floral Acupuncture- Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Points .

The Flora Corona Practitioner Training for 2019 - 2020 will focus on the rainbow colors: Red/ Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue/Indigo /Violet plus Magenta. You’ll learn how to use the Hawaiian flower essences, gem elixirs and Colored Light Elixirs in these tones topically and internally.

The topical application of vibrational elixirs is the leading edge of vibrational work. You’ll learn new topical techniques that deliver life force to the body directly and quickly.

The transparent Flora Corona bottles were developed as a self-diagnostic system. You’ll learn to feel resonance between yourself and specific elixirs to know the vibrations that your body needs at the moment.

“You are a brilliant teacher and I am forever grateful for how much I learned from you. Most importantly, you helped me learn to trust myself which improves my perceptual skills infinitely! Learning to choose essences and elixirs more intuitively with confirmation by their descriptions has been immensely helpful for me and my patients.”  Arlene Dijamco MD

Course Dates: Online-12 months / September 2019- August 2020

Cost: $90 per month ($50 for Flora Corona Practitioners)

Elixir Set:  $310 - 31 Flora Corona elixirs / $10 each- student rate: 8 Colored Light Elixirs/ 8 Hawaiian Flower Essences / 8 Gem Elixirs/ Lily & Rose Combination Elixirs/ 5 GeoElement Waters: Air/ Earth/ Fire/ Water/ Ether

Course Venues

Flora Corona Online Forum for daily discussions and posting your monthly reports.

Monthly Zoom Conference at noon, Pacific time / third Sunday of each month (this conference will be recorded for later viewing).

Pre-Recorded Video Lessons- several during the year (these will also be available to watch at any time.)

Course Materials: you’ll receive the following pdf file e-books and recorded meditations: 

Flora Corona Hawaiian Flower Essence Repertory, Flora Corona Gem Elixir Repertory, Flora Corona Colored Light Elixir Repertory.

 Required Reading: Floral Acupuncture- Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites by Deborah Craydon CFEP & Warren Bellows LAc.

FLORA CORONA 12 Month Flower Essence Training starting Sept 2019During months 2-9 you will choose one color and experience using the flower, gem and color in this single tone using the illustrated pages you’ll receive. Lessons accompanying each month are listed below:

Month 1  Lily & Rose  Balancing your masculine and feminine .

Month 2   Aligning your unconscious Body & conscious Soul  

Month 3   Using Energetic Resonance to Self-Diagnose. 

Month 4   Chakra Applications. Awakening the Rainbow Body 

Month 5  Painting the Body with Liquid Light: Skin Zone Applications

Month 6  Floral Acupuncture Applications 

Month 7 Making RollOns with Essential Oils for Topical Use.

Month 8  Beauty Treatments using flower gem and color elixirs

Month 9   Using the Flora Corona Geo-Element Waters on Chakras layers

Month 10 Environmental Use of Elixirs.

Month 11  Shared Group Research

Month 12  Awakening the Rainbow Body Review