About Us

Flora Corona™ is a small company that focuses on education via online trainings, and production of vibrational gems, flowers, and color with an emphasis on their application to the skin founded by Deborah Craydon Certified Flower Essence Practitioner in 1999.


A pioneer of new topical skin applications, Deborah’s co-authored book with Warren Bellows Lic.Ac. Floral Acupuncture - Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites is the first to show the specific acupuncture points for each of Dr. Edward Bach’s original 38 flower essences. (To order this book from Amazon click here.)




Flora Corona™ has translated emotions into colors. Blue flowers, gems and colors are  cool, like winter, and can be transformed from this stage into spring-like warmth using Red, Orange, and Yellow elixirs. Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, the full spectrum Flora bottles transform your emotions through natural stages.

The transparent photo bottles help the body to know what it needs to feel better . This visual method was used for seven years in private practice with children, teens and adults - showing them photos of flowers and gems - & finding that the body-mind can diagnose itself through visual images.

The New Topical Use of Vibrational Elixirs

The Flora Corona™ elixirs can be taken internally or applied topically by adding drops to spray bottles, creams, lotions or warm water and applied full body with a wash cloth. The new topical skin applications bring immediate vitality to the body.

Waterproof Transparent Bottles

The 1/2 oz. bottles are water-proof (these bottles photographed in a salt pool are still completely intact- labels and all!). The solution in the Flora Corona™ bottles is formulated by former bio-chemist for WALA Heilmittel/ Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, Glyn Craydon and consists of water, salt, vegetable glycerin and brandy. Special requests for no alcohol can be made for those with alcohol sensitivities.