This collection includes all Red, Orange & Yellow toned elixirs- warm colors of the SUNRISE/ SPRING season, like seeds beginning to sprout into the AIR.

Choosing Red, Orange or Yellow elixirs means that you’re seeking physical warmth to birth your seed ideas. A sunrise mood, you’re ready to grow roots into the Earth and rise upwards- becoming visible as your seeds branch, unfurling leaves and buds- greening your ideas. Passion and enthusiasm for your destiny in the world is growing. Like spring, you are opening to the light.

RED = Create Play Passion Vibrancy Vitality Physical Will Dynamic Creativity Power Circulation Life Sprouting Grounding Enthusiasm

Red brings vitality and renewed connection to your physical body, increasing strength. Red flower essences and gem elixirs enhance will power, creativity and enthusiasm. The fiery energy in Red energizes your field. When you look at the Red bottles, which is the one that attracts you the most? This is the one that you need at the moment.

ORANGE = Regenerate Community Child-like Communicate Delight Warmth Kindle Communion Taste Re-pattern

Orange clears hereditary patterns and kindles warmth in social situations. It also creates an enhanced sense of smell, juiciness and abundance. Orange attracts you when your body needs regeneration; your soul is working with creating deeper friendships and social interactions both at work and home, and your spirit is wanting to communicate more deeply with your pure self. The Orange bottle or bottles that most attract you are the ones you need. 

YELLOW = Light Sunny Courageous Confident Shining Luminous Bright Cheerful Laughter Illumination Power Wisdom Hope Rebirth Rejuvenation

Yellow brings renewed hope and courage. It rejuvenates your body with light that translates to your spirit as wisdom and rebirth. Needing Yellow can also mean that your nervous system needs soothing due to intensive mental processing and overwork. Yellow purifies fear based thoughts and feelings from your.  field. Choose the Yellow bottle/ bottles that look the brightest to you. These are the ones you need at the moment.