This collection includes all Purple, Magenta & Carmine toned elixirs- heart colors that live in the dark, like SEEDS in Winter, receiving FIRE from starlight.

Choosing the Purple, Magenta  or Carmine bottles means that you’re breathing inward - living in a winter mood of darkness in the glow of your heart. Dreaming - you’re receiving fire from starlight - giving birth to your seed ideas and envisioning the time when this fire will rise upwards - and your seeds will spout like springtime- into the light of day.

PURPLE = Grace Majestic Tenderness Soft Gentle Perfection Benevolent Mercy Homecoming Ascension Solace

Purple is a majestic color that is uplifting to the heart. It creates feelings of tenderness and solace. As a color, Purple is close to both ends of life- birth and death. It can be used to celebrate new life and also to help you receive solace when things are ending. It is rather like a baby’s blanket- always comforting, reassuring and gentle. You can rely on Purple flowers, gems and color to help in most situations.

MAGENTA = Birth Genesis Empathy Creation Dawn Emergence Heart Unconditional Love Bliss Gratitude Generosity

Magenta flowers and gems enhance feelings of empathy for others, infusing your body with child-like innocence. The color of birth and creation, Magenta elixirs are naturally effervescent and enhance life force by infusing your aura with love.

CARMINE = Beauty Passion Resurrection Sensuality Reconnection Generate Luxuriate Prolific Flowering Fruitful Sprouting Grow

Carmine is the color of sensual bliss and beauty. Sparking feelings of flowering and luxuriousness, elixirs in this color are also grounding and remarkably revivifying. When you want to experience passion and fruitfulness, this color carries the beauty ray and enhances your sense of blissful connection to your body.