The Queen's Line Hawaiian Combination Elixirs: Hibiscus Sunrise, LUAU, ALOHA & The Queen's Crown are available in 1/2 oz. dropper bottles for internal use and topical application when added to beauty and massage products. The Queen's Line is also available in new Roll-Ons in 1/3 oz glass bottles in a base of fractionated Coconut Oil. The Roll-Ons have organic essential oils and can be taken with you during the day for easy application.

LILY & ROSE Combination Elixirs are core to the Flora Corona system. Used together they balance your left and right sides-- the new LILY & ROSE Roll-Ons are wonderful to take with you can use to uplift your energy during the day.

The new Redwood&Sequoia Combination -made from Dawn Redwood, Redwood & Sequoia trees in Northern California- is designed to connect you to the wellspring of Earth- bubbling up will forces to follow your destiny. This combination will also be available soon in a Roll-On.