LUAU Hawaiian Combination Elixir

LUAU Hawaiian Combination Elixir

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The Hawaiian flower essences in this Queen's Line Collection of combination rolls on-- all activate the Stomach Meridian. Soft and tender, the flower essences in this combination are Protea flowers- from Kula on the upslopes of the Hawaiian Island of Maui- (some of the oldest flowers Proteas are fabulously beautiful and ultimately Soul nourishing) and ginger & orchid flowers from the Big Island.

The combination includes: King Protea, Mink Protea, Vanilla Orchid & Shell Ginger flower essences, White Pearl & Topaz gem elixirs, Pink & Peach Rebirth Elixirs.

The elixir is in a solution of vegetable glycerin, water, alcohol and salt in a 1/2 oz. bottle.

White PearlFlora Corona Topaz

APPLICATIONS  Take 2-3 drops internally or add drops to your water bottle and sip during the day. 

STOMACH SOURCE POINT   The application points for LUAU are the paired Stomach Meridian Source Points on the tops of the feet (easier to apply when barefoot!).  Put a drop on these two points or add 2 drops to warm water the using a cotton ball- follow the pathway of the Stomach Meridian down the left and right sides of the chest through the nipples.


LUAU also comes in a Roll-On bottle with essential oils of organic Vanilla and Cocoa.