This collection includes all Lime, Green & Turquoise toned elixirs- healing colors of DAY time / SUMMER season- the greening and FLOWERING of nature receiving WATER & Moisture for growth.

Choosing Lime, Green or Turquoise elixirs means that you’re in the blossoming stage. Cleansing & purifying yourself, your seed ideas have branched outward and now are unfolding. Balance and love for your purpose is creating healing. A summer mood, your dreams have been watered and are rising skyward.

LIME = Cleanse Clarity Resurrection Integration Awaken Dawn Refine Redemption Christen Distill Present Moment

Lime is an all-purpose cleanser. Composed of the healing color Green, and Yellow which creates new light, this color brings nutrition and repair to long term toxic conditions. As Lime flowers, gems and color cleanse and clarify the body, they bring you into the present moment, refreshing your subtle and physical bodies with new dawn light. Which Lime bottles look brightest to you? These are the ones you need at the moment. 

GREEN = Love Healing Health Wholeness Balance Soothing Harmony Nature Compassion Moisture Nourishment Sustenance Equanimity Comfort

Green flowers, gems and color bring balance and wholeness when your body lacks nurturing, and your soul needs harmony in order for your spirit to experience equanimity and peace. Green equalizes warm and cool forces in the body, creating comfort and well-being. As a color it creates a wellspring of love for the heart that refreshes your view of the world. Which Green bottles look brightest to you? These are the ones you need. 

TURQUOISE=Refresh Renew Freedom Rejuvenate Revivify Clean Immunity Repair Crystalline Oceanic Cooling

Turquoise has a cool, clear energy that cuts, clears and washes away obstructions. Like swimming in turquoise waters with dolphins, this color is crystalline and oceanic. A breath of fresh air, your immunity feels strengthened with Turquoise as your body experiences a renewed sense of lightness and freedom. Choose the bottles that are brightest to your eye: these are the ones you need.