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Lily Roll On with Essential Oils

Lily Roll On with Essential Oils

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(Ingredients: Shasta Lily, Lily of the Valley, Angel's Trumpet, Star of Bethlehem, Gardenia & Jasmine Flower Essences, Pearl & Silver Gem Elixirs, White Colored Light Elixir & organic essential oil of Jasmine. )

The LILY 1/3 oz. Roll-On- in a base of organic fractionated Coconut Oil- is composed of fragrant white lilies & jasmines: Shasta Lily nourishes, Lily of the Valley soothes the heart, Angel's Trumpet clears a pathway to life , Star of Bethlehem releases long term shock & Gardenia & Jasmine calm the soul. Pearl Gem Elixir soothes your digestion, Silver enhances a sense of immunity and protection, and White Colored Light Elixir helps your Soul to be present in the body. 

Roll-On Treatments    Roll on under the bottom lip- a point that activates the front mid-line (Conception Vessel) that helps your Soul stay present in the body. Or roll on from the bottom lip down the midline of the body through the heart to activate this line.  You can also just roll the bottle over the inner wrists or heart for calming.

Evening Treatment This Roll-On can be used in the evening, when preparing for sleep- applied above the top lip. 

Topical Treatments for body-workers- To open the body before a topical treatment- lie down and roll the Lily bottle up the midline of the body ending under the bottom lip. 

The Lily Roll-On also comes in a 1/2 oz. dropper bottle for internal use.

LILY & ROSE Combinations & Roll-Ons are core elixirs for the Flora Corona system. Used together- they activate your feminine Soul (Lily) and masculine Spirit (Rose).

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