Silversword Hawaiian Flower Essence

Silversword Hawaiian Flower Essence

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Color Code: Magenta // Season: Winter // Phase: Seed // Element: Fire

Growing at an elevation of 7-10,000 feet on the slopes of Haleakala Crater on the island of Mauii,  Silversword grows to six feet or more, blossoming magenta sun-flowers out of silver moon-like basel leaves. A king of the flower world, Silversword  helps balance your masculine spirit with your feminine soul.

==Due to the fact that Silversword is an endangered plant and may not be picked, this essence is made by the sun photo potentization method== 

The Hawaiian flower essence comes with a full color illustrated page, showing how to use the flower topically, internally and applied to it’s meridian source point.

The elixir is in a solution of vegetable glycerin, water, alcohol and salt in a 1/2 oz. bottle.