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Breathing Blue Lotus

For many years I had a longing to find Blue Lotus. The desire to see this flower grew until finally, living on the Big Island, I stumbled upon it growing in a pond, surrounded by flowering Mgambo trees. Inhaling their fragrance is other-worldly; time slowed down; I felt transported. One of the reasons that it felt so difficult to locate Blue Lotus- which I assumed only grew in Egypt- is that, while it is called a lotus in Egypt, it is actually a water lily: Nymphaea caerula. 

Blue substances oxygenate and Blue Lotus is the same (this photo looks more Violet than Blue- this is because Blue flowers are very hard to capture in their true hue- the oxygen in them tends to change color with the moisture in the air- turning them slightly Violet in damp weather and more Blue in cool air- but to the eye this flower looks Blue.)

Each Flora Corona bottle has a word side label- a virtue of that particular substance that is imparted to you via the color, flower or gem. The oxygenating effect of this flower is why it's virtue is: BREATHE.

BEAUTY PRODUCTS The oxygenating quality of Blue Lotus may be enlivening added to lotions, creams and beauty products to skin types that need life force in their skin tone.

Here are some experiences of those taking Blue Lotus- & applying it topically:

"I placed 2 drops of Blue Lotus- infused in warm water- on my body and soft energy like air began pouring into my being- it felt like big gusts of wind were being blown on me from outside. Then something completely blissful and unworldly happened- this lovely soft feather like breeze seemed to blow into my head and then travel to my feet. It poured out of the balls of my feet and heated them up for about 4 minutes. I truly felt like a changed woman after this."  AA, New Mexico

'This Blue Lotus essence has fired a  lot of focused productivity and clarification of my work and organizing it to make sense to others. If you want to zip ahead with clarity about manifesting purpose, organize and embody your plan with complete concentration and ease, I recommend taking Blue Lotus internally- 2-3 drops a few times a day." IS, Wisconsin

When I found Blue Lotus, blooming around the pond were Mgambo trees in full bloom with their amazing velvet seed pods all over the ground. These seed pods, called Hua Weleweka in Hawaiian, also Maui Mink & Hawaiian Velvet Seeds- are used to make seed leis.

Here are the Hua Weleweka seeds- sleeping like little velvet embryos- wanting to be planted in the red soil of Mother Hawaii-

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