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Rose Floral Acupuncture™ Roll On

Rose Floral Acupuncture™ Roll On

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Ingredients: in a 1/3 oz. bottle- all rose flower essences of Wild Rose, Strawberry, Scarlet Hawthorn & Cherry + Gold & Rose Quartz gem elixirs, Carmine Colored Light Elixir, Pink Rebirth Elixir in a solution of water, brandy, vegetable glycerin, salt & essential oils of Jasmine & Rose.

Rose flower essences bring you into the body & activate your will. The bottle comes with an application chart.

Roll On Treatments:  Roll on the bottle above the top lip- a  specific acu-point for Rose that brings your masculine spirit into the body. Take it with you and apply during the day. Essential oils are completely natural & their scent fades sooner than perfumes- apply it as often as needed for renewed vitality.

For body-workers- to close a topical treatment- have your client sit up and roll the bottle down the spine to ground and complete any treatment. This brings them back into the body refreshed.

The Rose & Lily Combination Elixirs are core to the Flora Corona system. Used together they activate your front and back mid-lines--bringing your feminine Soul & masculine Spirit into the body.

The Rose Combination also comes in a 1/2 oz. bottle for internal use.