Aquamarine Gem Elixir

Aquamarine Gem Elixir

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Aquamarine Gem Elixir activates the Small Intestine Meridian, initiating a process of transformation by connecting to your core wisdom. Aquamarine also cleanses and clears the thymus area, neck, lower jaws and ears sending cool crystalline light into these areas and releasing stagnation. Communion with your core, an ability to listen, and communicating outwardly through cleansed perceptions are some of Aquamarine's attributes.

Like other turquoise as well as carmine toned gems and flowers, Aquamarine carries the beauty ray. A aquatic stone, it's cleansing oceanic properties extend to illuminating you outwardly. Adding several drops of Aquamarine to beauty products and applying them to the face and neck infuses these areas with the cleansing properties of Aquamarine.

The gem elixir comes with a full color illustrated page, showing how to use the flower topically, internally and applied to it’s meridian source point.

The elixir is in a solution of vegetable glycerin, water, alcohol and salt in a 1/2 oz. bottle.