Blue Lotus Flower Essence

Blue Lotus Flower Essence

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Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerlea) is actually a water lily, not a true lotus. This flower was found growing on the Big Island and is the same species used by the Egyptians. A universal tonic and aphrodesiac, this flower contains phytonutrients that enhance vitality and good health.

One of the highest vibrations in the flower world, the flower essence contains this same energetic pattern in vibrational form. Taking Blue Lotus flower essence internally is similar to inhaling the aroma of this flower, which creates very high levels of energy in the body.

Blue flowers tend to oxygenate. Adding Blue Lotus flower essence to sprays, creams, or oils and applying topically gives your body a feeling of cellular effervescence. Sparkles of vitality, like a pale blue mist, permeate your skin and uplift your spirits.

The oxygenating and revivifying quality of Blue Lotus may be enlivening when added to skin products, especially for those who have lost elasticity and skin tone.

The Hawaiian flower essence comes with a full color illustrated page, showing how to use the flower topically, internally and applied to it’s meridian source point.

The elixir is in a solution of vegetable glycerin, water, alcohol and salt in a 1/2 oz. bottle.

Here's a testimonial from Glasgow, Scotland of using Blue Lotus-

" When I took Blue Lotus internally it felt like I had got on a really fast elevator and went deep inside myself.  An energetic flow that felt like a fizzy water fountain that lifted me back up and kept me buoyant on the surface like a cork in the water. The energy welled up from deep inside and flowed outward with ease.

I took 2 drops of Blue Lotus in the morning and at night. It’s a cool calm confident feeling almost like I have brought many areas of myself into a more harmonious state that makes me feel more settled and clear.

Using Blue Lotus in my skin care creams felt like I was creating a ritual for self respect It seemed to increased the moisturing content and felt really cool and nourishing.I also was drawn to put a drop of Blue Lotus on the chakras on my palms and to unify both hands. It then felt like I was bringing sacredness in some way to anything that I “put out” It is a very beautiful essence." 

SA, Scotland