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Flora Corona Gem Elixir Repertory

Flora Corona Gem Elixir Repertory

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Illustrated with over 100 full color images, this ebook is written by holding each gemstone to experience the etheric movements it makes in the body.  Beyond traditional  and ancient explanations of gems-  clocking its energy flow gives an accurate picture of its function. Included: meridian source point applications, specific skin zone applications, and internal use. 

Each of the elixirs and their descriptions have been tested in case studies with students and clients for over ten years.

Gem descriptions:  (first 12 in order of color): Ruby / Fire Opal / Topaz / Peridot / Emerald / Gem Silica / Aquamarine / Sapphire / Amethyst / Sugulite / Kunzite / Garnet plus Gold / Silver / Copper / Platinum / Diamond / Pearl & Opal.