Gardenia Flower Essence

Gardenia Flower Essence

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Gardenia plants love the warmth and moisture on the Big Island and grow well there. If you've smelled Gardenia, you know that it has a heavenly, highly refined fragrance (similar to Jasmine) that is difficult to capture in words. Gardenia is an unusual essence that is also hard to put into words.

Unlike other flower essences that bring clarity to your thoughts and feelings, Gardenia nourishes at deep levels, and awakens you to what you're here to do, beyond the levels of the mind. You feel moister, softer, and in tune with your real essence.

Gardenia activates the Conception Vessel, a meridian that runs up the front mid-line of your body and downloads your soul into the body. Applying Gardenia topically to this front midline of the body is a good treatment that will encourage your real self to come out into the world.

The milky white Gardenia flower essence may be helpful for those with extremely dry skin, when added to skin preparations. It's moisture may be felt to energetically permeate, giving a new sense of fragrance and smoothness to de-hydrated skin types.

Gardenia is catagorized under the color of Turquoise, because it activates the thymus area, that resonates to this color tone.

The Hawaiian flower essence comes with a full color illustrated page, showing how to use the flower topically, internally and applied to it’s meridian source point.

The elixir is in a solution of vegetable glycerin, water, alcohol and salt in a 1/2 oz. bottle.