'Ilima Flower Essence

'Ilima Flower Essence

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Color Code: Orange // Season: Spring // Phase: Uprising- Sprouting- Tree //  Element: Air

'Ilima (ee-lee-ma) is a small hibiscus flower native to Hawaii. It takes nearly 2,000 blossoms to make the 'Ilima flower lei, which traditionally hangs long over the torso covering the heart, abdomen and lower abdomen, which are the locations of the three burning spaces of the Triple Warmer Meridian that 'Ilima activates.

This is a good essence to use when you want to create deeper social interactions with others, as the warmth and moisture it creates radiates outwardly to others. 

The Hawaiian flower essence comes with a full color illustrated page, showing how to use the flower topically, internally and applied to it’s meridian source point.

The elixir is in a solution of vegetable glycerin, water, alcohol and salt in a 1/2 oz. bottle.

'In taking this essence, I noticed myself becoming more open to others..opportunities to join groups and socialize were plentiful and I was more at ease, less introverted than is my pattern. Taking on the energies of others was mitigated.. I  felt I could be myself effortlessly." AB, Kentucky

"Using 'Ilima on the meridian source point was a great sense of warmth and assurance that all is well, that worries can be dropped, a sense of protection and well being..."  RC, United Kingdom

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