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Rose Combination Roll On with Essential Oils

Rose Combination Roll On with Essential Oils

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The Rose Roll On opens your heart and brings your Spirit into the body. Ingredients include: Wild Rose, Strawberry, Scarlet Hawthorn & Cherry flower essences, Gold & Rose Quartz gem elixirs, Carmine Colored Light Elixir, Pink Rebirth Elixir and organic essential oil of Rose.

Wild  Rose flower essence creates passion & activates your will. Shasta Strawberry helps you to put your crown on- Cherry engenders feelings of beauty & lusciousness  & Scarlet Hawthorn opens flow in your heart. Gold & Rose Quartz gem elixirs are grounding- Carmine & Pink Colored Light Elixirs enhance feelings of love. This ⅓ oz. Roll-On Combination comes in a base of organic fractionated Coconut Oil.

Roll On Treatments:  Roll on Rose above the top lip  - this point activates the Governing Vessel Meridian that downloads your Spirit into the body via the spine. Take the Rose Roll On with you and apply during the day. Because the essential oils are completely natural- their scent fades sooner than perfumes- you can apply as often as needed for renewed vitality.

For body-workers- to close any topical treatment- have your client sit up and roll the Rose Roll On down the spine to ground and complete any treatment.

The Rose & Lily Combination Elixirs are core to the Flora Corona system. Used together they activate your front and back mid-lines--bringing your feminine Soul & masculine Spirit into the body.

The Rose Combination also comes in a 1/2 oz. bottle for internal use.

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