Valentine Combination Elixir

Valentine Combination Elixir

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(Ingredients: Scarlet Hawthorne, Camellia & Lily of the Valley Flower Essences and Ruby & Ruby Star Sapphire Gem Elixirs, Carmine Colored Light Elixir)
Closed, Depleted, Lacking Enthusiasm ~ Heart Flow, Passion, Love

The bright carmine and white flowers and gems in this combination are re-vivifying to the heart when your vitality is low, physically, mentally or emotionally.

Stimulating warmth and more flow in your life, like Valentines Day, white and carmine essences open the heart, enhancing feelings of purity and love.

Scarlet Hawthorne is one of the best all-purpose flower essences for purifying the heart and stimulating flow.

Camellia helps you unfold and blossom into the world with creative juice and passion for life.

Lily of the Valley cleanses the heart creating feelings of child-like simplicity and happiness. Ruby imparts warmth, passion and protection. Ruby Star Sapphire opens your crown for higher energies to alit in the body.

The elixir is in a solution of vegetable glycerin, water, alcohol and salt in a 1/2 oz. bottle.