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LILY & ROSE ROLL ONS with essential oils

                            Balancing the Masculine (ROSE) & Feminine (LILY)
The Lily & Rose Combination Elixirs are now available as Roll-Ons: Lily with organic Jasmine essential oil and Rose with organic Rose essential oil
We use them ourselves daily- rolling the Lily up the front mid-line to right below the bottom lip, and rolling Rose from above the top lip- through the mid face and up the back along the spine (having someone roll this one up the back for you is easiest!). What this does is activate the Conception Vessel Meridian (front midline) & Governing Vessel (back midline). When both of these open, your left and right sides balance. 
The other day, I was traveling- going non-stop- hiking up volcanic obsidian mounds & crater rims and my back went out slightly. I rolled Lily up the front of my body, and Rose up the back spine- and within a few minutes- my back went back into place. That's what Lily & Rose do together-- bring both sides into balance.
You can also apply the Lily & Rose Combination Elixirs topically but putting a few drops front and back mid-lines- or take them internally- Rose drops are good in the morning to brighten your day; Lily drops can be used before bed as they are calming. 
If you'd like to know more about their direct acu-points and how to use them- contact us and we'll send you the flyer that describes more about Lily & Rose.

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