Rose Combination Elixir

Rose Combination Elixir

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Ingredients: Shasta Wild Rose, Shasta Strawberry, Cherry, Scarlet Hawthorn Flower Essences, Gold & Rose Quartz Gem Elixir & Carmine Colored Light Elixir & Pink Rebirth Elixir in a 1/2 oz bottle- solution of water, brandy, vegetable glycerin & salt.

Shasta Wild Rose activates your will, Shasta Strawberry creates a sense of dignity, Cherry & Scarlet Hawthorn open flow in the heart. Gold & Rose Quartz gem elixirs ground you. Carmine & Pink Colored Light Elixirs enhance feelings of love. 

Morning Treatment  Take this combination elixir internally- 1-2 drops- in the morning for warmth and grounding. Or add two drops to a water bottle and sip during the day.  Or.. apply one drop above the top lip- a point that activates the spine.

For body-workers- too close any topical treatments-  have your client sit up and apply warm water infused with 2 drops of the Rose Combination Elixir down their spine using a cotton ball. This will ground and complete any treatment.

This combination also comes as a Roll-On with organic Rose essential oil- that you can carry with you during the day and apply as needed for renewed vitality (because the essential oils are natural- their scent fades more quickly than perfume- using the Roll-On as often as needed during the day is a convenient way of staying vital and awake.)

ROSE & LILY Combination Elixirs & Roll-Ons are core to the Flora Corona system- used together they activate your masculine Spirit (Rose) and feminine Soul (Lily). 

MORNING & EVENING PROTOCOL- Use Rose in the morning to bring grounding and enthusiasm for your day and Lily before sleep to take you to dreamland.

OR- Apply the Rose above your top lip and Lily below your bottom lip at the same time to activate your whole system.

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