RAINBOW Combination Elixir

RAINBOW Combination Elixir

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This bottle combines the 12 individual Flora Corona Colored Light Elixirs into one bottle. It is all-purpose-  helping children, animals and humans to feel better. The 12 Colored Light Elixirs are all natural- the colors are sun- infused in water- no colorants are added- the transparent labels are the colors that you see.  Ingredients: Red; Orange; Yellow; Lime; Green; Turquoise; Blue; Indigo; Violet; Purple; Magenta; Carmine Flora Corona Colored Light Elixirs, in a 1/2 oz. solution bottle of water, brandy, vegetable glycerin and salt. 

This Rainbow elixir has been called 'an absolute master of essences' by a UK animal healer, who takes it internally (several drops) daily, uses it with animals that she works with, and sprays it environmentally on her land and finds that it brings everything into balance. 

ALL-PURPOSE- Take several drops during the day to bring balance. The all-natural drops are helpful for children as well- when they need to feel themselves.

RESCUE- Take 1-3 drops internally to bring you back into alignment after a shock.

Children love this combination:

"I use Rainbow on my grandchildren- they love them. Mary, age 5, every time she sees me she asks for Rainbow. During the week when I was using them myself she was lying on my bed. We had just done all the 12 individual colors and she said to me 'I LOVE MY LIFE" Andrew who is a 12 year old boy also wanted all of them and he said every time he takes them the colors get brighter and he definitely was less grumpy."  Julia, South Africa

RAINBOW is also available in an easy to apply RollOn bottle.