NEW Flora Corona Rhythmic Protocols

NEW Flora Corona Rhythmic Protocols

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FLORA CORONA PROTOCOLS - creating etheric flows using color, flower & gem elixirs  This newly updated e-book is  24 pages with over 75 full color photos, showing protocols for using the Flora Corona Hawaiian flower essences, gem elixirs and Colored Light Elixirs™. Step by step treatments are illustrated for 12 protocols (Passion, Joy, Rebirth, Love, Manifest, etc.)- including topical and meridian source point applications designed by Flora Corona.

The protocols are done in metamorphic sequences, similar to the stages of plant growth. For instance, the Rebirth Protocol includes Evening Primrose flower essence for releasing patterns, Topaz gem elixir for clearing and rejuvenation and Yellow Colored Light Elixir for renewed light. Using color, flowers and gems in rhythmic stages gets your life force flowing. This movement frees out-of- date, frozen thoughts and feelings with the result that fresh new life patterns arise, that are appropriate to the moment. 

This new way of using vibrational waters in metamorphic sequences speeds up the process of cleansing and clearing the human energy field-- something that is needed at this time of ecological crisis for the Earth, and human beings.

12 Flora Corona Rhythmic Protocols