NEW! Rainbow Chakra Set

NEW! Rainbow Chakra Set

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Each Colored Light Elixir in this set is made by solarizing the color in sunlight and capturing the vibration of the color in water. They are in a solution of water, brandy, vegetable glycerin and salt. No colorants are added- the colors you see in the bottles are from the transparent labels.

How to Use: Starting with the bottom chakra- take one drop of the Red/ Root Colored Light Elixir that matches this energy center. Focus on this center until you feel it start to vibrate. Using the vibrational colors in water along with focusing on each center greatly enhances each chakra.  

Continue up the body taking one drop for each energy center: Red/ Root- Orange/ Sacral- Yellow/ Solar Plexus- Green/ Heart- Blue/ Throat- Indigo/ Third Eye- Violet/ Crown. Wait for each center to turn on and radiate. When you get to the crown center in Violet- move up over the head about 12-18 inches and take the final 1 drop of the Magenta Colored Light Elixir that matches the energy of this center. 

The new September 2019 Flora Corona Practitioner Training will focus on opening  these centers. The new brochure 'Awakening the Rainbow Body' will be available soon- describing the new course. Contact us (  to receive it when it's ready.