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The Queen's Crown Hawaiian Combination Elixir

The Queen's Crown Hawaiian Combination Elixir

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One of the new Queen's Line Hawaiian Collection- the Queen's Crown elixir is composed of all white Hawaiian flower essences & white gem elixirs: White Crown Flower, Tahitian Gardenia, Puakenekene & Coconut flower essences, Andara gem elixir & White Rebirth Elixir.  The elixir is in a solution of vegetable glycerin, water, alcohol and salt in a 1/2 oz. bottle.

Flora Corona Tahitian GardeniaFlora Corona Crown FlowerFlora Corona Puakenekene FlowerFlora Corona CoconutFlora Corona White PearlFlora Corona Andara Crystal

All the flowers and the Andara crystal in the Queen's Crown activate the Heart Protector (Pericardium). White flowers are milky- a color that nourishes your Body & Soul;  like a pure guardian for your heart, this elixir is helpful for recovery- providing a cushion from the world.

APPLICATIONS  Take 1-3 drops internally or add drops to a water bottle and sip during the day or use at night internally before sleep.  A really lovely application is the application point for Pericardium Meridian Source Point. This creates calming & soothing: to apply- put one drop the point below on both inner wrists or across the whole inner wrist as often as needed. You can also add a few drops to warm water and with a cotton ball- rub the solution down through the center of the chest to the diaphragm.

The Queen's Crown combination also comes in a Roll-On with essential oil of Ylang Ylang.