CARMINE- Seed Stage- Fire Element- Winter Season

Blossom Glow Beauty  

Like a seed under the Earth in Winter, Carmine is a dreaming color, receiving fire from starlight for emerging refreshed in Springtime.  Like the rose glow on new seedlings Carmine contains the bright fuchsia pink of Magenta and the fire of Red, stimulating vibrant life force for the body. Carmine's complementary color in light is Turquoise and both of these tones carry what might be called 'the beauty ray'.

Added to cosmetics, massage oils, lotions etc., both Turquoise & Carmine beautify and bring glow to the skin. Carmine Colored Light Elixir is the all-purpose favorite color for most people, for the aphrodisiac qualities of passion and renewal that it brings to your system.

Vitality & Beauty Protocol  

A good way to use Carmine to enhance your beauty and vitality is to take 1 drop of Carmine Colored Light Elixir, 1 drop of Frangipani Flower Essence and 1 drop of Garnet Gem Elixir internally in the morning. Aestheticians report that adding drops of these three of beauty treatments with clients gives an enhanced rosiness and glow to the skin. (Our favorite- add 1 drop each to liquid makeup and apply to face in the morning.)

You can order this protocol here, and read more about this protocol, including how to use each bottle topically on the body, in the Flora Corona Rhythmic Protocols e-book

 The bright Carmine-colored Frangipani or Plumeria, as it's called in Hawaii, is used to make the Flora Corona Hawaiian flower essence, chosen for it's particularly vibrant enhancement of life force via it's color.  Called 'the elevator' , this essence taps and brings up Vitality in the form of water from the Earth and brings down divine Beauty from above. The Element of Water holds the seeds of your purpose in life; this is a good restorative essence when you want to reconnect to the flow of your lifestream. You can learn more about using Frangipani in the Flora Corona Hawaiian Flower Essence Repertory.

This essence was made on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

Garnets come in many colors, however the Garnet that reflects the most life force is present in the Carmine colored ones, which the Flora Corona Garnet elixir is made with. Garnet is an important gem for beautifying the body. It's core energy activates the spine- raising life force and creating new glow. Added to beauty products, this glow is visible energetically. You can learn how to use this elixir in various ways in the Flora Corona Gem Elixir Repertory 

Carmine is a color that lives in the darkness of the heart. Two other elixirs that live in the season of Winter are the Seed of Life GeoFlora Water and the Fire Element GeoElement Water.  Using these two in combination with the Frangipani, Garnet and Carmine helps you to birth your seed initiatives and bring fire to your will.

The inner Heart Colors- Purple, Magenta and Carmine all resonate to the Element of Fire and the Seed Stage of inner dreaming & receiving inspiration for your potential.


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